Project Description


We offer both training and nutrition services for our corporate clients.



Team Building Events

Working out together has been proven to create long lasting bonds in the work environment. Having your team sweat together will make your team a stronger team. Our team building sessions take your team through a short chat about the importance of fitness and nutrition, warm them up for a workout making sure that everybody knows how to safely perform all the movements of the day and them we sweat together. This is not a full blown CrossFit class there are no big and heavy weights just the basics, just for fun. Everybody leaves fitter than when they came in and its the talk of the office for weeks.

Increase Productivity

If you’re looking to bring a fitness professional to your facilities, this is for you. We can provide monthly , weekly or even daily workouts in your office space. Adjusting to your space and group size we bring our CrossFit PR training to you and your team. In the long term this can lead to a healthier, more collaborative and more productive staff.



To help your body get to where you want it, you need to fuel it properly. What to eat, and not to eat is critical your progress. We have the right mediums to teach you how to become a nutrition ninja, and pave your way to your fitness goals.


Turning your nutrition in the right direction can be challenging. Even with all the right information, you can easily fall back into tempting, bad, habits. At CrossFit PR, we have the tools and practices to track your progress and hold you accountable so you can achieve your fitness goals faster.