What times are you open?2019-08-09T03:43:04+00:00

CrossFit classes run every hour from 5:30AM to 8:30AM and from 5:00PM-9:00PM from monday to friday. If you are participating in one-on-one coaching can schedule access to the facilities throughout the day with their coach.

How much does it cost?2019-08-09T03:43:39+00:00

Prices vary from depending on the program that best fits your goals.

How does the membership work?2019-08-09T03:44:21+00:00

There is no additional registration cost. During your No Sweat Intro you will be guided to the best option for you to reach your goals.

How big is the group class?2019-08-09T03:53:12+00:00

Our group classes have a maximum athlete capacity of 10 people. We keep this number low to ensure that each athlete get the proper attention from the coach.

How many coaches are there?2019-08-09T03:53:18+00:00

Our team is comprise of 7 BAMF. Meet them here.

How late can I be to class?2019-08-09T03:46:19+00:00

Ideally you are never late. Classes start on the minute. The later you are, the more you miss. If you miss too much of the beginning of class, you won’t be properly warmed up and ready for the workout. in that case, you will be asked to wait for the next class.

What happens if i miss a class?2019-08-09T03:46:50+00:00

You miss an opportunity to get better! Consistency is everything in fitness. Commit to your goals and show up. If you have an emergency where you reserved a class and can’t come, you can always cancel the class. If you do not cancel, a reservation charge may apply when checking out your next membership. If you have a limited attendance membership (12 class package) you will lose that class.


We do not offer refunds unless you were wrongly billed. You may receive a credit for the amount if you wish to choose it on another service or product.

What is in your programming?2019-08-09T03:48:04+00:00

We use the best strength and conditioning method ever created, and that is CrossFit. To ensure the best possible quality of programming for our athletes, we have partnered with CompTrain to supply us with excellent workouts.

Do you have open gym?2019-08-09T03:48:27+00:00

Kind of. We have open gym on certain special hour and occasions. The schedule for these are notified via a private communication group when they are offered.

Is there a beginners level group?2019-08-09T03:48:52+00:00

All beginners should start with a proper 1-on-1 introduction to crossfit fundamentals through our onramp course (link to onramp course). After going through the onramp course, workouts are modified to the ability of each athlete in class, so that every athlete get the right dose of fitness.

Can I take my kids?2019-08-09T03:49:20+00:00

Kids are welcome to wait in the lobby, as long as they do not interrupt the class and can behave.

What is the minimum and maximum age?2019-08-09T03:49:53+00:00
  • Minimum: 18 
  • Maximum: Infinity; CrossFit is for athletes of all ages
Payment Methods?2019-08-09T03:50:39+00:00

We currently accept Visa, Master Card, Cash, ATH Móvil.